how to add Google AdSense to WordPress site hello and welcome in this quick video sessionI'm going to show you how you can add your ad units to a website that's built on WordPressyou simply create your ad unit if you haven't done so already and choose different options and

so on okay now once you create your ad you simply copy the code close this and login to your WordPress site a fine appearance option here and once you do you have this widgets option here press on that and what you do is the easiest way is you simply grab and hold this and drag it into your sidebar here okay and simply drop it inside that and you paste that code that you got from Google Adsense you hit save now that's saved let's hit refresh and

we will see our code where we could have easily placed underneath our sidebar or inside and soon and if we hit refresh you will see that dropped down underneath here right so that is how easy it is for you to add the Google AdSense to WordPress site now what about what if you want to and the code anywhere that you want within the content part of your blog right pages and so on okay what if you want to add it let's say down the end of your post or within the middle portion and so on okay well if that's the caseI will create another video tutorial that actually shows you how to create a simple shortcode where it will give you the full flexibility to place the code anywhere you want on your WordPress site so if you don't want it on the sidebar here then simply watch the other video tutorial to learn the other method thank you very muchI hope this video session has been useful for you and I would encourage you to subscribe to this YouTube channel that I can add more useful videos for website owners like you and me thank you for learning with taking care bye


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