Good AdSense earnings are essential for an AdSense publisher's peace of mind. But what do you do if your AdSense earnings for one reason or another fails to increase and remains stagnant at a frustratingly low amount?

Most new AdSense publishers often panic and attempt try to solve their dilemma by focusing on primarily increasing the traffic levels of their site. This knee-jerk reaction sometimes works. Increasing traffic levels can help increase your AdSense revenue... but sometimes it isn't enough. If your Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and Cost-Per-Clicks (CPC) are extremely low, moderate increases in traffic levels rarely helps in increasing AdSense earnings. CTRs are basically the number of times your ads are clicked divided by the amount of times they are displayed. This value is normally shown as a percentage. CPCs are the average cost of your AdSense ads. CPC values are dependent on your website theme and what aspect of your chosen topic you decide to focus on, in your website. Traffic, CTRs and CPCs are extremely important factors in relation to how much AdSense money you make.

So how can keywords help?

Keywords can have an incredible impact on average AdSense earnings by helping to increase CTR and CPCs. Keywords help by focusing the content, so that it attracts more specific, high value AdSense ads. If the keywords have been thoroughly researched they can attract ads with high CPCs. Sometimes even a small increase in CPCs can have a major impact on overall AdSense earnings. So keywords are a very important factor when it comes to boosting the amount of AdSense cash you can generate through the program.

Also keywords can help increase CTR by focusing the ads that Google delivers. In general more focused ads are more likely to be clicked by targeted visitors.

Keywords can also help by bringing in quality AdSense traffic through the Search Engines. Quality AdSense traffic (traffic composed of visitors that are purposefully looking for the information your site) are more likely to interact with your website and are more likely to click on your AdSense ads.

As you can see keywords can have a very positive impact on AdSense earnings. Some publishers are put off by the idea of searching for keywords because of the cost involved or the time. But the many publishers that persevere find that the initial sacrifice is often rewarded by substantially increased AdSense earnings.


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